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Slow Sex

Finding time for love

Sexfrust? Slow down!
Stress and hectic shape our lives - also the most precious and most intimate thing we have: our sexuality.The result: More and more partnerships are far from satisfaction and fulfillment.
Diana Richardsons new book opens an easy and practical way for lovers to their sexuality: take time for love, feel your body, connect with your partner, every moment and enjoy to touch consciously perceive. A healing and spiritual power is released and sex becomes an act of true love. Using simple, everyday exercises and illustrations, Diana performs "Your personal Slow-Sex practice" and shows you how to get started with Slow Sex: relaxation instead of performance pressure, creativity instead of repetition, a loving give and take places sexual gymnastics with the sole fixation on the orgasm.

Please click here for the english edition: Slow Sex - The Path to Fulfilling and sustainable Sexuality

Language: German
240 S., Quality Paperback
ISBN: 978-3-7787-9230-8

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