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Was Eltern geben können

To prepare children with love and truth to live in the world

Everyone knows the importance of raising a child in love. But is love enough? Barry Long says parents must also bring to family life a focus on truth and justice. How do you bring spiritual truth into the child-parent relationship? What would it mean to practise ‘justice’ in your household? 
This book shows you exactly how. Barry Long’s practical advice to parents covers the whole of family life. He speaks to mothers and fathers about hundreds of situations that arise from infancy to adolescence. This is not just a book on parenting. The impressions of childhood run deep in all of us and every reader will gain a unique insight into the ways of the human family. Includes: how to bring harmony into the home; going to school; how to handle it when parents separate; how to help our children cope with conflict and death; how to diminish the rebelliousness of adolescence; how the child’s personality develops and why all children get unhappy.

Language: German
256 S, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-936360-22-6

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