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Qi Gong

The 8 Brocades

The 8 Brocades, a popular system of exercises from QiGong, are eight meditative graceful sequences from the Far East. The flowing, soft, slow and round movements, in co-ordination with the breath, have a positive influence on the organs and harmonizing the energy system. This DVD is produced with the intention of refreshing the 8 Brocades, with each of the movements and the associated breathing accompanied by Raja’s voice.Daily practice of the 8 Brocades is an ideal way to support your sense of well-being, inner relaxation and awareness of the subtle body energies.

Part I: The 8 Brocades / Exercise 1-8
Part II: End Position
Part III: Excerpt from the Tai chi Form „Yang Style“

Michael (Raja) Richardson has been practicing Tai Chi regularly for over 30 years. Starting at the age of 22 he studied sincerely for many years under Master Chu from China, from whom he learned the Yang Form which is also shown on this DVD. He then went on to explore several other Tai Chi Forms. Michael (Raja) also attended the School for Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart. He has been leading the Making Love Retreat© for over 20 years and teaching the 8 Brocades to participants and his passion for movement in meditation has continued to deepen with time. To witness the grace, stillness, lightness and presence with which he is capable of moving is an inspiration!

screenformat: 16:9 PAL
lenght: ca. 20 min
language: German/English


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