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Zeit für Berührung - Time for Touch

Massage Awareness, Relaxation

Diana Richardson is widely known for her books and for the Making love Retreats, which she has been leading together with her partner Michael since 1993. Diana’s exploration in Tantra originally began with her passion for giving and teaching therapeutic massage, which she did for over 20 years. Many of the“love keys“ recommended in her book „The Heart ofTantric Sex“,she discovered while giving massage. In this DVD she is returning to her roots to encourage others to trust their hands as a form of communication and expression of love.

In this 90-minute documentary Diana demonstrates, how to touch in a relaxed and conscious way. She pays special attention to the posture of the person giving the massage, and in a graphic manner that is easy to understand, shows how to treat back, legs, stomach, torso, arms and neck with self-assured and flowing movements.

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Language: German / English 
DVD, Length 90 min
Video format: Pal
ISBN 978-3-936360-42-4

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